Why You Should Trust Your Designer

For something with only five letters, trust is a big word. It can make or break any relationship, including one between a designer and client.

But building trust can be difficult when you both have completely different ideas about what makes “good” design. Or if you have different ideas of what colours work for your brand. All these issues can be solved though. The key to a project running smoothly is being able to trust your designer’s judgement. Here’s why you should:

They know what they’re doing

A lot of the time designers are asked to do things people wouldn’t ask of any other professional in their field. You wouldn’t wake up after surgery and ask your doctor to move the stitches to the left a bit. Or ask your window cleaner if they can clean your phone too. That would be ridiculous.

Trust that your designer knows what they are doing – you’re paying for their expertise, the years they’ve trained, the industry knowledge they have. So make the most of your money and trust what you’re paying for.

They want your ideas and feedback

Designers want input from their clients, otherwise they might not know where to start or they won’t get the feel of your brand right.

What designers don’t want is a lot of input at a later stage when most of the work has already been done (or so the designer thought). That’s when problems arise.

Before you meet with a designer really think about what you want. Go in with everything you can think of in the first or second meeting. There’s nothing more frustrating for a designer than to have ideas and specifications given to them halfway through a project when they could have been given at the start. Make both your lives easier and communicate your ideas as clearly and as early as you can.

They want to help you

Designers design because they love what they do. But their main goal is to help you. They want to create something you both love and will bring your business success.

It’s not all selfless though, if you’re happy with the work and it’s helping your business, designers want to be able to boast about that. They want a long lasting relationship with you, and for you to recommend them. So it’s in their interest to do the best job they can for you.

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