The 4 Hottest Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Design touches every aspect of our lives, from buildings to fashion to art, and at we’re always fascinated how certain trends seem to influence them all. With 2017 in full swing, we round up our favourite design trends of the year so far.

Brighter and bolder

After a tumultuous 2016 (to say the least!), you’d be forgiven for assuming that 2017 would be trying to fade away into the background like a wallflower. But you’d have assumed wrong, as colors in 2017 are louder than ever before. We’ve always loved Spotify for their use of colour, and we give a big thumbs up to their 2017 update from washed out brights to big, bold primary colours.



Simpler lines and shapes

With great colour comes great responsibility. Alongside the trend in bolder colours we’re also seeing a back-to-basics approach with vector shapes and lines. Customers are looking for simplicity, so forget fussy, intricate designs and say hello to keeping things simple. We’ve already seen some big brands reinvent themselves in the past year, and expect to see more doing the same.

Hand-drawn graphics and animations

This B2B trend is one after our own hearts. Gone are the days of boring stock icon vectors, 2017 is the year of quirky doodles and moving graphics galore. We love what Dropbox and Mailchimp are doing on their sites, with motion adding just that little bit of extra pizzazz to the page.

Keeping it natural

Hot off the back of the healthy living trend that is sweeping the globe (honestly, we’ve never eaten more avocado or kale!), comes a nod to personal stories and all things natural. From candid 90s-style photographs and upcycled furniture to stripped-back packaging and laid-back khaki, designers are pushing back on the posed minimalism and overused stock imagery we’ve been used to seeing in recent years.

So to sum up: 2017 looks to be the year where we go back to our roots and focus on colour, shapes and people. We can’t wait for what’s in store!

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