How To Create The Perfect Company Profile

Company profiles are a huge part of branding. Like your logo, they’re something that takes a lot of time and effort to get right. And getting them right is important because they’re not something you create every month. It needs to go the distance with only occasional tweaks and updates.

But they can easily go horribly, horribly wrong.

The biggest mistake people make is making them too long. No-one, not even your mother, would enjoy 30 pages of drivel, detailing in complicated, jargon-filled language exactly how your company relocated to a space more conducive to collaborative communication (aka moved office). Company profiles are a great opportunity to wow people with your achievements. That’s why it’s important to get it designed properly.

At we can spend anything from 40-100 hours creating one company profile. And the time (and money) spent is worth every penny. If you’re designing your own here are some key guidelines to go by:

Keep it simple

When we’re bombarded with information every minute of our lives simplicity is a breath of fresh air. Nobody has time to read a book about your company, so don’t make them. We design one-page infographic style company profiles that can be attached to any proposal you send to clients, making it much more likely it will actually be read.

Know who you are

If you can’t describe who you are and what you do in one sentence you need to have a serious brainstorm. Readers react to snappy, to-the-point sentences. No other sentence in your company profile is more important than this one, so get it right.

Stick to the essentials (and the interesting)

Lose the fluff. Stick to the bare essentials. This means your USP, core services, key facts about your business and contact details. But don’t ignore things that will make you seem a bit interesting. Throw in any important or impressive awards or achievements.

If you want your profile to really stand out, trust the experts (that’s us). Get in touch to see if we could create a simple, effective and beautiful company profile for your business.