Why You Should Treat Designers Like Amazon Prime

When we shop on Amazon, we do it because we know the stuff is good quality, the site’s full of bargains and things can be delivered the next day. It’s the perfect model of a service that’s good, cheap and fast, all at the same time.

Or is it?

There’s something we’re forgetting. If we want the next day delivery we have to pay for Amazon Prime. This changes the model, it’s no longer cheap and we’re just left with good and fast. If we opt for the slow free delivery, we’re only left with good and cheap.

Good, cheap and fast doesn’t exist.
Deep down we all know this. That’s why we’re willing to pay Amazon more for a premium service. And it’s the same in infographics and visual communication design. When good, cheap and fast meet, something’s gotta give:

Cheap & Fast
This is the McDonald’s of design. It’s cheap and fast, but it’ll do. If we had the time we’d choose something else (anything else).

Good & Cheap
Custom infographic design takes a lot of thought, creativity and hard work. It’s not something that can be done overnight, especially on a tight budget. It’s worth being patient to get something that your brand will be proud of. It may not be fast, but it’s always worth the wait.

Fast & Good
In the world of design, “fast” means being in the office until 3AM, with a leftover pizza for breakfast and hard work from a whole team. This is going to cost you more, but when you’re working with bespoke designers, the quality will be worth it.

So when you’re looking for good, cheap and fast, please… just pick two.

Every designer ever.