Why Infographics are The Future of Education

What if I told you that data visualization isn’t just about visualizing data?

I bet that got your attention.

Data visualizations and infographics do way more than just show data, they tell stories, bust myths and even teach us how to make pumpkin pie lattes. The list, much like the apparent uses for pumpkin, is endless.

In short: data visualization and infographics are phenomenal educational tools.

Teachers and students are looking for innovative ways to learn. Take the popular Facebook page AJ+, they put out short videos every day educating people about things going on in the world. And people love it. It’s quick, easy and exactly what tech-savvy teens want.

Because of online learning, education doesn’t always mean school. As the modern classroom changes, people are swapping chalkboards and tiny desks, for iPads and the comfort of their sofa. 96% of US universities offer at least one online learning class and 95% percent of teachers believe online tools engage students.

The next generation of students will learn from a mixture of game-based and mobile learning, with infographics a common tool to explain complex events and theories. While most people see data visualization and infographics as solely marketing tools, they are actually tools for change.

I truly believe that, as Nelson Mandela famously said, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Everyone should be able to access information in an easy way, and in a way that suits them, because the more informed people are, the better they understand things, and the world we live in becomes a better place.

That’s why data visualization is much, much more than visualizing data. It’s a truly modern way to educate.