AstroLabs Design for Non-Designers Meetup
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    Everybody has a story to tell, a deal to close or people to inspire. If your ideas aren’t presented in a captivating manner, you miss out on the chance to engage with your audience, convince them and make an impact. In this workshop, attendees learnt the infographic way of thinking and how to put together a stellar presentation using the fundamentals of good design.

    Our goal with this 3-day workshop was to offer practical, hands-on design modules to non-designers & business professionals in order to learn and apply the fundamentals of good design in business communication.

    Workshop outcomes:

    • Have a full view of the fundamentals of good design and how you can apply them in your business communication
    • Learn how to identify & select the right colours, fonts and visual elements for any of your business communication needs
    • Learn the principles of infographic thinking
    • Learn how to create an infographic 
    • Learn how to identify the right kind of presentation based on your business needs
    • Learn how to create stellar presentations using the fundamentals of good design
    • Learn to do all of your basic design inhouse, or manage an outsourced design team / agency
    • Become proficient in all the major dos & don’ts in design 

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