[INFOGRAPHIC] The Food & Beverage Industry: An Organic Attack

It is no secret that the food industry has experienced dramatic changes in the recent years with the rise of millennials whose mottos derive from « healthy eating, healthy living ». Many companies and conglomerates have suffered from these transitions in order to come to the needs of this surging class of the population. Indeed, the top 25 F&B companies experienced a loss of $18 billion over the past five years. In order to recuperate, they have had to consolidate their business strategies by acquiring smaller companies, organic-focused companies:
General Mills and Annie’s
Kellogg and Kashi
Hormel and Applegate
Campbell and Plum Organics/Bolthouse Farms
Mondelez and Enjoy Life

New sales and manufacturing strategies included switching nutritional wants and needs to include more healthy ingredients. New snacks for example were dubbed « mindful snacks » and included fiber and proteins. As for packaging, people expect new clean and transparent packaging vs. diet-friendly labels. In terms of the new technologies introduces, we can witness an increase in e-commerce platforms offering food and nutritional packages (e.g: Hello Fresh), indeed sales are expected to reach $12 billion by 2018.

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