Communicating Your Startup Story with Good Presentation Design

Startups are great for doing things a little differently. They have the freedom to not just break the mold but redesign it completely and that’s always exciting. But when 90% of startups fail, there are some tried-and-testing techniques that are essential to help their chances for success.

A big key to success is simply getting your brand out there. To do this you need to have a visual style that you use and develop with you as you grow. If you get your branding right from day one your bank account and new team members will thank you.

Data visualization is great for developing your brand. Being able to communicate your story in a visual way will help people understand what you do much more easily. has been helping business on this mission with creative and presentation design in the UAE and GCC.

Here are just a few ideas of how data viz can help with your branding:

Making your decks look phenomenal

There’s something really impressive about a well-designed presentation, probably because they’re usually something that’s been cobbled together on powerpoint an hour before a talk. Data visualization is great for investment pitches and helping people really understand your brand. The visual element means you’re twice as likely to be more persuasive than startups with no visuals in their decks. When your data is presented beautifully and clearly your audience will understand you more and will be much more likely to remember your brand.

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