How Non-Profits Can Use Data Visualization for Good

Data visualization is useful for all sorts of things – mainly making complicated things more digestible (and no, we’re not suggesting you should eat quantum physics). Non-profits, more than anyone else, need to get their message out there. And because us humans are visual creatures, visualising those messages, and your data, is the perfect way to do it.

When we’re bombarded with content on social media 24 hours a day from friends, family and over 1.2 million charities and foundations in the world it can be hard to get your non-profit to stand out. Every extra click you can get counts, and if you use an infographic you could be seeing a lot more clicks.

45% of web users click on a link if it features an infographic and 30% will forward it. All this adds up to a 12% increase in web traffic and, for non-profits, potentially a lot more revenue and awareness.

Here are just two of the ways data visualization can help your non-profit:

Making public reports more accessible
In most organisations reports are only seen internally and not distributed to the world. They can be as long and confusing as you like (even though your employees will hate you). Non-profits on the other hand have a lot to shout about that the public needs to see, and most importantly, understand. A dull, 50 page report just won’t cut it.

This infographic annual report from Wellstone is a great example of how you can transform your report into something that your supporters will understand.

Using animation to tell a story online
Animation doesn’t always have to cover a light-hearted subject matter. Motion graphics can get across a lot of information visually in a short amount of time. A perfect combination for getting your audience’s attention and engaging them.

This infographic video from ShareTheMeal shows just how powerful simple animation can be.

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