[INFOGRAPHIC] How Infographics Can Help Your Business



We’re a bit infographic obsessed at Infographic.ly (we’d have to be, staring at numbers all day). But we’re not just turning data into decoration though. We do innovative strategic design in UAE and Lebanon helping business with their data visualization. And whose business couldn’t use a little bit of innovation? Infographics are true innovation because they’re about more than making stats look pretty.

Here are just a few ways that infographics can benefit your business, whether you’re creating a pitch or presenting an annual report:

Create order out of chaos
Infographics make cluttered numbers and statistics streamlined and clear. There’s nothing us humans respond to more than things presented to us in a simple way (except maybe chocolate).

Simplify and empower communication faster
Presentation design is really important – it needs to be visual, engaging and easy to understand. Presenters using visual aids are twice as likely to be more persuasive.

Help audience understand complex data
Psychologists have discovered that 83% of learning occurs visually. This means people are more likely to understand complex data if it’s put in from of them as a great visual.

Gather insights from mapping and visualizing data
Infographics help you see things you may never have seen before, and recognize relationships you never thought existed.

Establish credibility
If your reports and presentations are full of stats and information from trustworthy sources your company will be seen as one that knows their stuff. Reliability goes a long way in business.

Target specific audience and user groups
Digital marketing is all about knowing your audience and making stuff they like. Infographics can be easily tailored to deliver information effectively to different user groups.

Build up social presence
Infographics are super-shareable, making them perfect for use on social media. The numbers are impressive: 45% of web users will click on a link if it features an infographic and 30% will forward it.

Build links, drive traffic and improve search engine visibility
Need more hits on your website? Sites that use infographics see a 12% average increase in traffic. Infographics can earn the kind of elusive high quality links your site needs to improve its search engine rankings.