[INFOGRAPHIC] The Beirut Influence Project

beirut-influence-project-01-1170x2582Living in “LIBANON” is a daily life changing experience…over the last few weeks I’ve been engaging in two major activities: my new kickass job and of course taking on my daily dose of a cultural tour in Beirut.

I have to admit that walking around Beirut always gets me inspired and it’s partially why I decided to combine both activities into one single project: “The Beirut Influence Project” a infographic representation of my daily fun encounters and struggles against the noise pollution, specifically the car horns at 7:30 in the morning – a driver’s most sacred language if you ask me. To the power cuts that leave all your personal items drained of its usefulness and of course my British council neighbor! I call her so because her INGELISH is… IMPECABLE.